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i bought a perfect flame grill from lowe's 3-4 yrs ago.i have had nothing but problems.

one of the first times i used it, i had a grill fire that i thought would burn my house down. later i would have to replace the burner cause it wouldn't start. now it is just completely rusted out even the grill plates. i called to replace the parts and apparently it would cost well over $100 to replace them.

they think highly if their product but for an almost $300 grill it is awful. the worst grill ever. just check all the recalls.

buy one of these grill if you want your house burned down.they are dangerous.

Monetary Loss: $260.


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You get what you pay for when you buy a grill.I've been selling them for 15+ years, stick with Weber.

People always complain that spending $700 or more for a grill is too much.

Well that $700 grill will last 15-20 years.Or you can spend $150-$200 every 2-3 years on a new cheap grill since fixing it will cost more than you paid for it.

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